HSK Info

The club was founded in 1899 by keen sailors under the name Helsingfors Arbetare Segelklubb (Helsinki workers sailing club) and in the first years the membership increased to over one hundred persons and there were 21 boats registered. Most members were Swedish speakers and most built their own boats. The first harbours were located in the western parts of Helsinki but the club had to move as the city waterfront was filled in to allow construction of housing blocks.

After the Independence of Finland the club was registered in 1919 under the name Helsingfors Segelklubb. The present harbour on the east side of the Lauttasaari island has been in use for more than 40 years. The harbour is leased from the City of Helsinki while the buildings belong to the club. The harbour has expanded and today 300 berths and about 100 winter lay-up sites are in use. The new club house was inaugurated in 2010.

In 1977 the club acquired an 12 acre island, Ormholmen, some 18 nautical miles southwest of the home harbour. Ormholmen, conveniently located at the tip of the Porkala peninsula for weekend voyages. The island has sauna baths, grill shelters and other facilities.

In the Tammisaari archipelago, about 50 Nm to the west, the club owns a six acre part of the Hasselholm island well situated close to several crossing fairways. The club has built a house and a sauna to provide additional comforts for members.

Underneath a photo of HSK harbour in Lauttasaari.