Welcome H-boat sailors to Finland and to Helsinki!

Finland is the home of Santa Claus and 2016 World Junior Championship in ice hockey but what is more important, it is also the home for H-boat designed by Finnish Hans Groop in 1967.

The Hans Groop-designed H-boat won a Finnish design competition for a GRP one-design fleet racer with spinnaker in 1967 and production started in 1970. H-boat gained international status in 1977. Since 1967 over 5000 hulls have been made, making it one of the most popular yacht classes in the world.

That is why we are very happy that you have this year chosen Helsingfors Segelklubb,  HSK, to organize the World Championships of H-boat class. 

HSK is an active racing yacht club measured by our own racing sailors as well as by races organized by us. So, it is us a great honor to organize this event, too. We do hope that our arrangements will meet your expectations as to the atmosphere, know-how and facilities.  We would be more than pleased to see also future major H-boat championships to be organized at our club.

You all are very welcome to be our guests at HSK and we hope that you enjoy your stay.

By the way the H in the name H-boat came from the Greek mythology goddess Hestia.

Let’s hope for fair and challenging winds – may the best sailors win with the help of the Greek mythology goddess Hestia.